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Ad Portfolio Critique Awards

If you create great work, then it's only fitting you receive the recognition and pat on the back you deserve. To that end, we've created the Ad Portfolio Critique Awards. Or as we affectionately call it, the "Your Portfolio Rocks!" awards.


All portfolio pieces from every 50 Ad Portfolio Critique submissions (750 total portfolio pieces) will be judged and awards given in each of the following categories.

  • Best Print Ad
  • Best Collateral Design
  • Best Copywriting
  • Best TV Commercial
  • Best Radio Commercial

APC Advertising Award Prizes

1st Prize:

4GB iPod + Brand Spankin' New Portfolio Case + T-shirt

2nd Prize:

2GB iPod Nano + T-shirt

3rd Prize:

iPod Shuffle + T-shirt

Award winners in each category will also have their winning entries displayed on along with attribution and contact links (e-mail address and/or link to your online portfolio).

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