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Ad Portfolio Critique FAQ

Everyone has questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked. If you need more answers, ask here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Ad Portfolio Critique cost?
$149 will get you a professional critique for up to 15 portfolio pieces.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and eCheck payments processed with a 100% secure connection via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay for services. Payments will appear on your invoice and PayPal receipt as "PAYPAL *KRISTOF CRE"
Please contact us if you would like to discuss other payment alternatives such as money order. MoneyGram, or Western Union transfer.
How long does it take to have my portfolio critiqued?
All submitted portfolio's are critiqued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Generally, the standard time frame to compete a critique is 3-5 business days from receipt of portfolio. This timing, of course, can vary depending on the total number of submissions received. But don't worry, we'll get to it as soon as possible.
Can I pay a RUSH fee to receive an immediate critique?
Sure, why not? To receive an immediate critique -- meaning your portfolio goes to the front of the line ahead of everyone else -- would require an additional "cut in line" fee of $125. This doesn't change how quickly we perform the critique, only that your portfolio will be place at the top of the list, and in order of receipt of any other RUSH requests. Again, first-come, first-serve.
When does the critique process start?
Critiques can not be started until full payment has been received or cleared by the bank. No pay. No play. Oh yeah, we'll also need your portfolio.
Does an ad campaign count as one piece?
No. Ad Campaigns (3 or more pieces) are not counted as one piece. Each ad is counted as a single piece. For example, an ad campaign consisting of three ads (any size) will be counted as three individual pieces.
Are there any exceptions?
Of course, there's always exceptions. Identity packages (business card, letterhead, envelope, etc.) can be counted as one piece -- but nothing else, so don't ask.
What digital file formats do you accept?
We can accept the following file formats.
For print pieces we accept; .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .PDF, .PSD, and .TIF
For TV commercials we accept; MOV, .MPG, .WMV, .FLV, and .SWF
For radio commercials we accept; mp3 for produced spots, and .DOC, .RTF, and .PDF formats for non-produced scripts.
What are the size requirements?
For print and design pieces, the rule of thumb is legibility. The piece must be large enough for us to identify and clearly read. If we can't read it, we can't critique it. And when we say, "read it", we mean without using a magnifying glass.
That said, the basic size requirements for print and design portfolio pieces need to be no less than 600 pixels on the shortest side. In other words, just make sure the shortest side is at least 600 pixels. For example, a standard 8.5" x 11" print ad saved in .JPG format (RGB color) at 72 dpi will have a final image size of approximately 612 x 792 pixels at 90-120k.
For TV commercials, the minimum size should 320 x 240. Again, just make sure we can clearly watch it. At the same time, try to keep the overall file size to under 10MG.
Do you accept printed, or hard copy portfolio pieces?
No. So please do not send them because we won't send them back.
How do I submit my portfolio?
The process is pretty simple and straight-forward.
Pay the portfolio review fee. Download and complete the form. E-mail us all files via More detailed information and instructions is included in the Portfolio Information sheet.
What is this Information Sheet you keep talking about?
In order for us to provide a thorough critique of your portfolio, we need to know some basic information about you and each submitted piece; Identifiable name, client/product, target audience, key benefit, and your role in creating the piece, etc.
This allows us to A) Match the information with the actual piece and B) Give us some basic information to base our critique on.
Will you return submissions?
If requested, digital submissions will be returned via If, by chance, you send us a physical portfolio then it's strickly a one-way ticket. Physical, hard-copy submissions will not be returned.
Will you use submitted work for anything else?
Sometimes. Receiving submissions is a great way for us to review creative talent for potential employees or freelancers to work with us. Other than that, we may post selected samples on and/or for promotional purposes. As such, attribution will always be given to the designer.
What will you do with the portfolio pieces when the critique is completed?
We'll collect them all into a folder on a back-up hard drive. Once we've received 100 portfolio submissions, they are archived onto DVD's where they'll idly sit in perpetual, digital purgatory. As an unexpected benefit, you could consider our archive as an emergency back-up in case your portfolio is ever lost. As unthinkable as it is, it does happen.
Who will be critiquing my portfolio?
Advertising Industry experts with professional experience in all industry categories and disciplines including Art Direction, Design, Copywriting, and TV Production. We could name all the awards they've won, but there isn't enough room.
What happens if I don't like your critique or recommendations?
Live with it. No one likes a whinny, pompous, egotistical creative.
On top of being just downright annoying, no one will hire you. If you happen to be one of those people who can't take constructive criticism, then you should really consider a different career path. The advertising industry is harsh and clients are worse. Learn to listen to the suggestions that other's make. You may not always agree with them, but you can learn from them. This is what helps you grow as a professional and make your portfolio better.
Can I get a refund?
You will be entitled to a refund (minus the PayPal transaction fee) only if your request is received within 24 hours of payment receipt. After 24 hours, the critique process will have been started and no refunds will be given.
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