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2008 Freelance Salary Rates

The following freelance salary and freelance rates are taken from the results published by Communication Arts in partnership with AIGA in thier eigth annual salary survey. It is intended for informational purposes only.

The numbers were gathered based on a total of 21,976 unduplicated individuals from AIGA's current and past memberships.

Overall, a pretty nice pay scale. The majority of salaries increased -- except, of course, for the Owner/Partner/Principal -- they took a hit of about -8K (ouch).

If you're looking to break into the ad or design industry, make sure you have a great portfolio to help get you there. If you don't, we'd be happy to help you out.

2008 Freelance Salary Rates
Job Position Total Salary Freelance Rate
Solo Designer $60,000 - -
Owner, Partner, Principal $105,000 - -
Creative/Design Director $100,600 $75
Art Director $75,000 $65
Senior Designer $65,000 $55
Designer $45,000 $45
Entry-Level Designer $36,000 $25
Print Production Artist $47,500 $40
Print Production Manager $62,000 $50
Copywriter $65,000 $75
Web Designer $55,000 $50
Web Developer $65,000 $65
Web Programmer $65,000 $65
Web Producer $75,000 $70
Web Content Developer $59,000 $60
Marketing/New Business Manager $80,000 $60
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